“The home should be the treasure chest of living.”
– Le Corbusier

Grand Image Home is a natural extension of the parent brand. A carefully curated collection of images – artfully finished, framed and ready to hang, this collection speaks to all kinds of homeowners. It is also the perfect bridge collection for any designer on any project looking for simple solutions.

“Femme 28” and “Femme 29” by PC Ngo, 123879_P_45x35_B and 123877_P_45x35_B
“Chutes and Ladders 1” and “Chutes and Ladders 2” by PC Ngo, 109281_P_61X47_B and 109282_P_61X47_B
“Pink Ladies A” by Van Hoang, 111527_C_36x62
“Leisure Craft” by Mimi Payne, 111344_P_35x35_M
“Untitled 1” and “Untitled 2” by Vintage Advertisement, 10239_P_55x41_B and 10240_P_55x41_B
“Color Streak” by Kyle Goderwis, 103659_C_49x39
“Coastal Sheen 2” by Kyle Goderwis, 92749_C_66x66
“Rural Studies 3” by PC Ngo, 111580_P_17x21_Wa
“Tiger Summer” by Thicket Designs, 112843_C_40x62_Wa
“Stems 1” and “Stems 3” by Hable Construction, 90234_P_74x30_Wa and 90236_P_74x30_Wa
“Femme 33”, “Femme 39”, and “Femme 38” by PC Ngo, 123883_P_29x23_B, 123889_P_29x23_B, and 123888_P_29x23_B
“Outermost Dune” and “Dune Grasses” by Peter Hocking, 110721_C_49x49_M and 110722_C_49x49_M

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