Custom Designed Wallcovering with LED Neon Accents, Westlake Steps Commons

“The real questions are: Does it solve a problem? Is it serviceable? How is it going to look in ten years?”
– Charles Eames

The idea of “multi-family” design, bringing people together to live in a shared space, sharing the experiences, bringing bits home with them into their own personal dwelling, intrigues and excites our team. We enjoy making living spaces functional, beautiful, and unique.

Custom Designed Plant Wall and Custom Framed Print, AVA DoBro Skyroom
Curated Book Collection Wall Sculpture, Westlake Steps Lobby
Curated Photo Collection Printed on Stretched Canvas, AVA DoBro Pet Spa
Custom Designed Wallcovering alongside a Curated Collection of Framed Prints, 435 Dexter Lobby
Custom Designed Woven Rope Wall, Stackhouse Lobby
Designed Print on Film on Applied to Existing Wood Slabs, Vale Commons
Custom Ampersand Lighted Wall Sculpture, AVA Highline Lobby
Digitally Designed Custom Wallcovering, Avalon Maplewood Lobby
Curated Collection of Framed Prints, 145 Front at City Square Lobby
Assemblage of Curated Prints and Found Objects Sculpture, Rivet Corridor
Custom Printed Photo on Frosted Acrylic, Avalon Saugus Fitness Center
Custom Encircling Metal Wall Installation, AVA DoBro Mailroom
GI Studio Custom Designed String Installation, Valdok Commons