Curated Framed Prints, Tulalip Resort Casino Lobby

“A brilliant design will always benefit from the input of others.”
– Zaha Hadid

We could not agree more – the secret to our hospitality successes is the collaborative process. From the owner to the designer, to our consultants and the artisans, sharing ideas and inspiration is the hallmark of our design process. From small independent projects to large multi-national chains, exciting and unexpected challenges become inspired and vibrant spaces.

Digitally Composited Photo Printed Oversized on Wooden Slats, Zeppelin Hotel Lobby
Custom Designed Wallcovering, Hotel Indigo San Diego Walkway
Custom Framed Print, Le Montrose Hotel Suite
Curated Gallery of Framed Prints, Tulalip Resort Casino Corridor
GI Studio Custom Built Wood Sculpture, Headwaters Hotel
Custom Painting on Oversized Stretched Canvas, Hotel Sorella Lobby
Interactive Sculpture Printed on Rotating Blocks, Maxwell Hotel Elevator
Custom Designed Wallcovering Portrait, Le Montrose Hotel Suite
Custom Commissioned Wallcovering made from Captured Illustration, Revere Hotel Lounge
Curated Framed Prints and Custom Portrait Wallcovering, Le Montrose Hotel Suite
Custom Framed Print, Tulalip Resort Casino Corridor
Custom Framed Print and Custom Commissioned Collage, Le Montrose Hotel Suite