Still Life

“Untitled Abstract C” by James Angel, 112701

“To be an artist is to believe in life.”
– Henry Moore

The best subjects to paint are often the ones that don’t move as much. In ancient Egyptian tombs, people painted food objects and trinkets believing by doing so; those items will transfer into the afterlife. Now, still-life has become one of the most popular subjects in art. Still-life transforms the context of everyday objects into significant reflections of daily life.

“A Change in Weather 1” by Sarah Atkinson, 83744
“Aloe C” by Patrick Atkinson, 81017
“Cafe” by Daniel Grant, 88489
“Wet Blanket 2” by Stefano Altamura, 112394
“Everyday Collections 4” by Natasha Marie, 91166
“When Life Gives You…” by Stefano Altamura, 111501
“Peonies Vase” by Hoa Hong, 111606
“Babbling Thoughts II” by Kloe Kang, 72720
“Playful Sort 3” by PC Ngo, 107342
“Vessel 1” by Natasha Marie, 108272