“The Boxer” by Meg Stacker, 99605

“I’ve never met a person I couldn’t call a beauty.”
– Andy Warhol

Girl with a Pearl Earring; American Gothic; The Mona Lisa.

What do these three all have in common? That’s right – portraits. Throughout the history of art, portraiture has always had a significant role. Whether showcasing a historical figure or a random patron in a café, the beauty of a human face has always captivated audiences. This collection shows an eclectic selection of some of our best portraits.

“Dotted Portrait 2” by Cynthia Pastars, 108934
“Female Portrait 6” by Van Hoang, 107389
“Y-Nudes XXXVII” & “Y-Nudes XIV” by PC Ngo, 110839 & 110346
“Study- Winter Bloom” by Sarah Atkinson, 88715
“Veils 3” by Elise Wehle, 100383
“Water Babe” by Helena Wurzel, 109954
“Faceline 1” by Susan Gillette, 112126
“Portabello 2” by THE Studio, 111281
“New Beginnings” by Stefano Altamura, 103438
“Glitch Portrait 1” by Stefano Altamura, 98654
“Heels” by Daniel Grant, 88507
“Femme 38” by PC Ngo, 123888
“The Girl” by Stefano Altamura, 111011
“Penelope’s Chair” by T.L. Lange, 70394
“Paint Collage Portrait 1” by Katie Todaro, 104081