“Leisure Craft” by Mimi Payne, 109950

“A photographer is an acrobat treading the high wire of chance, trying to capture shooting stars.”
– Guy Le Querrec

Photography was once looked down upon by the stuffy art critics in the early 19th century. Contrast that to today, photography has a stronghold in the art world. Photography’s ability to capture a moment instantly creates more fluidity and flexibility for what an artist can portray. The ability to modify lighting, form, props, and format helped to create photography into a compelling medium of art.

“Still Life” by Faye Heller, 79800
“7865 – Gunnison, CO” by August Studios, 110809
“Introspection I” by Katie Todaro, 101442
“First Reef” by Jason Matias, 92957
“Polka Dots” by Daniel Grant, 88519
“The Board” by Pamela Viola, 82362
“Table Setting” by Emma Jones, 112896
“Floral Portrait” by Cynthia Pastars, 108221
“Modern Medicine #2, From the PDR” by James Bourret, 86598
“Feathers #3” by Keith Lazelle, 107638
“Sukhothai Historical Park 2” by joSon, 78998
“Tinted Landscape 5” by THE Studio, 101042
“Anthro Facades” by THE Studio, 111958