“Alex’s View 2” by Maeve Harris, 101740

“Nothing is more revealing than movement.”
– Martha Graham

The rhythm of life is constantly moving us forward. Forward into the next day, the next season, the next year, moving us from place to place, from moment to moment. With this collection of artwork, we celebrate the inertia of the world around us captured within a single frame or on a solitary canvas.

“Jacked Up 1” by Katie Todaro, 104122
“Monochrome Wave” by Paul Ngo, 91029
“Rizal Park Overpass” by Kyle Goldie, 90695
“Untitled” by Kristin Breiseth, 110676
“Color Streak 2” by Kyle Goderwis, 103659
“Make a Splash 2” by Stefano Altamura, 100275
“Train Station Abstract 5” by Katie Todaro, 98759
“Crosswalk 3” by PC Ngo, 110973
“Glitch Study 3” by Katie Todaro, 108961
“Clouded Thoughts” by Cynthia Pastars, 103608
“Sprinters” by Paul Ngo, 104258
“Cool Dip 4” by Van Hoang, 99996
“My Kingdom for a Drop of Water” by Heather Goodwind, 89868
“Chariot” by Stefano Altamura, 101415