“Coastal Sheen 4” by Kyle Goderwis, 110310

“The sea is a desert of waves, A wilderness of water.”
– Langston Hughes, Selected Poems

Like the river, creativity flows like a wandered spirit. Tranquil or violent, the idea of flow creates interesting abstract pieces that illustrate the gentle motion. This collection, inspired by the movement and flow of water, includes peaceful and moving pieces that will transfer you to serenity.

“Sleeping Beauty A-10” by Jody Morlock, 81610-10
“Meditation On Blue VIII” by Allison Svoboda, 92641
“Waterslide 1” by Akiko Hiromoto, 91771
“Calgary Dreaming V” by Stefano Altamura, 99866
“Blue Swirl” by Marilyn Suriani, 100312
“Untitled” by Kristin Breiseth, 110674
“Tide Pool Plains 2” by Maeve Harris, 108871
“Untitled 16” Goodwin, 110698
“Reflection” by Acer Images, 85329
“Water Rocks Two” by Karen Ussery, 98156