“Bust 1” by Jody Morlock, 81651

“In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different.”
– Coco Chanel

From the early days of Braque and Picasso, mixing and matching had always been a unique method that helped artists to create eclectic and curious artworks. In the art world, eclecticism creates a diverse and broad variety of visuals. The relaxed rules of eclecticism helped artists to push beyond constraints and create some of the most fascinating pieces in art history.

“Camera Rossa” by Daniel Grant, 88491
“Gone By” by Diana Jacobs, 77162
“Ocean Warming Duo” by Sarah Winkler, 91478
“Hand Jive: Peace” by Emma Jones, 103475
“Sonic Boom” by THE Studio, 101439
“Hello 1” by PC Ngo, 99854
“Mandala II” by Allison Svoboda, 92637
“Balloon Studies 1” by PC Ngo, 110901
“All The Sun That Shines” by Richard Vergez, 100543
“Abe” by Sid Rativo, 100220
“Eyes On Pink” by Marie Lawyer, 110916