“Fort 1” Patrick Atkinson, 85518

“You can use an eraser on the drafting table or a sledge-hammer on the construction site.”
– Frank Lloyd Wright

From the majestic columns of the Roman empire to the experimental deconstructed structures by Frank Gehry, architecture has become the primal reflection of the history of civilization. The complex form and space of buildings have historically become the subject of art for centuries. Art within art, this collection celebrates all there is to celebrate in the world of architecture.

“Structures Overlooked VI” by Katie Todaro, 102569
“City in the Clouds” by Andie DeRoux, 81211
“Folded Architecture 22” by David Jordan Williams, 101087
“New York Taxis” & “Cityscape Chicago” by Natasha Marie, 99536 & 100154
“Barn Study 1” by Stefano Altamura, 111424
“Alleyway” by Amanda Coleman, 79883
“Buffalo” by Faye Heller, 79798
“2nd at Sunrise” by PC Ngo, 100990
“Urban Shadows 3” by Katie Todaro, 104100
“On the Hill 1” by PC NgoPC, 103730
“Palm Springs 1” by Mimi Payne, 109952
“Charleston, Fall” by Sharon Dowell, 81800
“Norma” & “Concrete Jungle pt. 4” by Emma Jones, 103835 & 110308