“4” by Joseph Piccillo, 80943

“I’m a giraffe. I even walk like a giraffe with a long neck and legs.”
– Sophia Loren

From the days of bison paintings on cave walls, humans’ fascination with animal forms has imprinted upon the art world for centuries. As civilizations became more sophisticated, artists around the world are still keen to use animals as their subject. Unleash the wild with our vast and diverse collection of animal artworks.

“Green Horse” by Maeve Harris, 86548
“Bear” by PC Ngo, 98253
“Wild Bouquet 1” by Sarah Atkinson, 87230
“Crocodile 1” by Hoa Hong, 111652
“Horse Riggs Farm 5” by Chris Dunker, 103998
“Year of the Tiger” by Maeve Harris, 92767
“Animal Studies 3” by PC Ngo, 111435
“Tiger Summer” by Thicket Design, 112843
“So Fluffy 1” by PC Ngo, 111447
“She Looks Familiar But Don’t Recall Her Name” by Kelly O’Brien, 99917
“Porcupine” by THE Studio, 99639
“Green Bird” by Hoa Hong, 111829
“Man’s Best 9” by PC Ngo, 111400
“Whale Grouping 1” by Natasha Marie, 100161
“Fur Friends 3” by PC Ngo, 110275