“Outre 2” by Kyle Goderwis, 111851

“The longer you look at an object the more abstract it becomes, and ironically, the more real.”
– Lucian Freud

The definition of abstract is a little… well, abstract. It is expressive, formless, and it deviates from the structured conventions of traditional art.  It represents the freedom that art can bring and the limitless potential of a creative mind. Complex, yet adaptable, explore the wide variety of abstract pieces in our collection.

“Viv’s Ocean 1” by Maeve Harris, 107089
“Untitled Neutrals 4” by Adrian Negenborn, 111161
“Untitled” by Sunny Goodwin, 122945
“Day Stars 4” by Sarah Atkinson, 102780
“Cukedance” by Renee Staeck, 99702
“Warm Color Diffusion I” by Katie Todaro, 109676
“3:11 AM” by Van Hoang, 108872
“Garden Gate in Winter” by Sarah More, 112090
“Skew” by Margaret Neill, 80151
“Prussian” by Zoe Bios Creative, 112244
“3 50 Paintings” by Elyce Abrams, 103049
“Constellation 3” by Laura Berman, 110740
“Rise 3” by PC Ngo, 99357
“Blur 29” by PC Ngo, 123120
“Lima, Peru” by Sheryl Westergreen, 110655